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How it works

It is important that buyers understand how the Emeo works and what it is capable of.


The Emeo is a wind MIDI controller. In order to play it, you need to connect it to a DAW program. You can do this using either the Emeo's USB - MIDI or Bluetooth - MIDI connections.

The Emeo is a practice horn and we have made an effort to keep it pure and simple, and so we have not added unnecessary features which distract from the playing experience. 

It is possible however to control dynamics with the Emeo, as long as you are using sounds which support wind control. To this end, each Emeo comes with a Respiro license included, which features a collection of high quality sounds which have been selected especially for the Emeo. All of these sounds support breath control.

For more information about, please check our FAQ page and the specifications of the Emeo.

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