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Rosario by E.Vergari 1.jpg

Rosario Giuliani

"It's an incredible invention that you can play anywhere. I really enjoy playing my Emeo at night and then go back to my real saxophone during the day time. Thanks to the Emeo Team for making it possible and to Rudy Verpaele from Imoxplus for the Respiro sounds program." 


Jaleel Shaw

"The Emeo hits the mark 100%. I can honestly say that it has improved my playing. I thoroughly recommend you buy one."


Baptiste Herbin

"This pretty tool is very interesting and very important for the future, for practice and discovering new things. It's important for music not only for the saxophone."

With the Emeo, I can use it everywhere. With the Respiro app, it’s a really great tool ! Thanks a lot to the Emeo Team.


Pierrik Pedron

"I am delighted to recommend the Emeo. It truly is a game changer for me and for saxophonists everywhere. I see a bright future of practicing whenever and wherever I want." 


Pedro Eustache

"The Emeo is a truly amazing instrument."


Robert Anchipolovsky

"The Emeo is a wonderful and very important instrument for saxophinists who want to practice all the time.  "


Felicity Sax

"I enjoy travelling with my Emeo. I had to attend a private event
so I took my Emeo, and it was very comfortable. I could practice
silently in my hotel room. It's a real luxury. I felt much more confident about my performance."

"Practicing altissimo in silence - that's a thing.  I don't have to say more."

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