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On this page, you can read what some of our customers have to say about the Emeo.

Sean N, USA.

For the first time in my life, I can practice saxophone whenever I want, wherever I want. Completely silently. And It feels exactly like playing my Selmer Mark VI. Maybe even better. Also I can now utilize midi synths and trigger visuals seamlessly. And I get that cathartic feeling like I'm really playing for real. After 20+ years of adapting and integrating guitar gear into my saxophone playing, I can attest that The Emeo is the first electric instrument designed specifically for SAXOPHONISTS. I give my full endorsement to this instrument and the team behind it. They and their products are 100% excellent.

Steve B, USA.

I have been very happy with my Emeo!  Being a sax player, I was looking for something I could play digitally with headphones at times.  I bought an EWI, but it was too difficult for me to learn and the fingerings weren't really like that of a saxophone. When I saw the Emeo come out, I knew I had to have one.  A digital practice sax with saxophone fingerings!  It is a beautiful instrument and is easy to play! The service from the Emeo team is awesome!  They have helped me to work out some bugs I had and I couldn't be happier!

Todd C, USA.

As the proud owner of an Emeo horn, I can say with conviction that not only is it better than my wildest expectations, but the owners and employees of this Company are remarkable as well. Their passion is contagious and their care for the product and their customers is fantastic.  I wish them the best and know that they will incredibly successful. In the meanwhile, it’s so nice to be able to practice on a REAL horn without bothering anyone around me.  Everything about it is legitimate and when I practice, it translates EXACTLY as if I were playing my actual horn.  The most ironic part about it is that in many ways, I enjoy playing this more than my acoustic horn...thank you from Cincinnati.  Truly incredible.

Robert P, USA. 

The Emeo is a unique wind synthesizer practice saxophone. Key placement is almost identical to an acoustic saxophone and is about the size of a soprano. The price is a little high but justifiable for all the research and work that went into its development. It is a professional wind synth and coupled with a DAW of your choice (it comes with a lite version of Respiro), can be used for gigging and similar outings. If you’re looking for the authentic feel of a real acoustic sax AND the ability to practice any time of day or night and anywhere you choose, I recommend the Emeo highly.

Steven S, USA. 

I've had the Emeo Practice Saxophone for several days. It arrived on time by traceable carrier and was extremely well-packed. I wish all of the saxes I've bought over the years had been so well prepared for transit. And the case itself is so protective, I will have no fear of traveling with it. The instrument itself is very solidly built and feels just like my VI. The action is fast, accurate and smooth and the proprioceptive feedback will translate right back to my horn in performance. While I'm on the subject of additional value, the accessories are all high quality as well. I've never had a synth instrument before, but it only took about five minutes before I had it connected to my laptop and was playing with the Respiro app. Lots of voice choices there and I can't imagine needing more. Best of all, nobody at home can hear me in the slightest and I can take this with me on the road and practice in settings where I otherwise would not be able to play, which was the point. It's clear that this was a labor of love on your part. Thanks for making a great product!.

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