Oleg Raskin

Co-founder and developer of Emeo, Oleg is a professional saxophonist, composer and teacher, with years of experience in the world of music. Oleg has played with various well known bands and musical groups around the world.  


Eddie Gofman

Co-founder and developer of the Emeo, Eddie is a well known and highly skilled wood wind repairman and owner of the Woodwind Lab in Tel Aviv.  He is certified by Selmer,

Paris, and is also a designer and producer of saxophone mouthpieces. (Hebrew)


Evgeny Klukin

Co-founder and developer of the Emeo, Evgeny is an audio engineer. He studied Control Systems and Radioelectronics at Tomsk State University, and went on to work at Waves for twelve years, where he became known for developing hardware products such as the L-2 and MaxxBCL. Since 2008 he has run New Old Sound. 


Michael Simkin

A communications and marketing specialist as well as a musician and writer, Michael is responsible for bringing the Emeo to market.


Andrey Kutsenko

Developer of the Emeo, Andrey is a highly skilled electronic engineer and software developer. 


Makar Kashitsyn

Developer of Emeo, Makar is a young saxophonist already well known on the world jazz stage. His album “Jazz Animals,” released by Rainy Day records, reached the top 10 on Downbeat’s list in 2019. 


A big thank you to our friend Ilya Yakovlev for all his help with video, photography and design.